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Monday, June 27, 2011

Miniature Horses, Brotherly Love and Gaurdians of the Sunlight

Miniature Horses......

Final class

 While off on my raw food jaunt the other weekend, I happened to pass by a sign that was advertising a "Miniature Horse Show".  Intrigued, I figured I might as well take a look.  I used to show Arabian horses many moons ago and it had been ages since I had been up close and personal with horses, let alone MINI'S!!!! 

Posing for the Judges

Oh my word, they are sooooooo cute.  The high pitched whinney's, the clickety-clicking and and speedy trots were a serious dose of squee overload.  Then the driving teams came our for their class in the ring.  So much cuteness, what a treat! 

Driving Team

After hubby was so eager to welcome Moley into the ark, I *was* tempted to ask him what he thought about adding a mini to the mix, but he beat me to the punch - "DON'T EVEN ASK"  Sigh.  Can't blame a girl for trying!!!  ; )  

Brotherly Love......

Cutest thing ever.  Watching Orion climb into bed with Dexter and seeing Dexter grooming Orion like a mother would.  This is especially neat to see, as when Orion first came home Dexter wanted nothing to do with him.  However, Orion being the cantankerous little brat that he is, kept following Dexter around and cuddling up with him.  Dexter has now taken to bathing Orion and Orion likes it :)

Gaurdians of the sunlight....

Sunbeans.  Warm.  Tingly.  Soothing.  Coveted.  In our house sunbeams are a hot commodity.  Both the furred and naked, cat or dog will vie for the sunbeam, often to the sound snarls and smacking skin.  Rarely will two bodies occupy the sunbeam.....until now AND to top it off, it was Priscilla our surly Princess and Dex, our furred "King".  I am very surprised at this as Dex and Priscilla don't share spots.  Ever.  They don't seem to communicate with each other.  She keeps to herself and he keeps to himself.  They exchange the stink-eye with each other, but that is about it.  Her perception of him seems to be that he is a stinky, hairy, old pervert and his perception of her is that she is a bitch.  So imagine my surprise when I saw if only they would lay with each other  ;)

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Big thank you to our friends at the "Sphynx Retreat" for the lovely birthday card!  Although the card arrived on time, long before June 9th, Priscilla's birthday, our lovely 'Zilla would not pose for a picture for all the treats in the world and as such we had to wait almost 2 weeks to capture a picture.  This was the best picture that I was able to get last night as she was sitting on hubby's knee.  As soon as I took it, she came closer to investigate the camera and then took off in a prance across the living room.  So typical with her.  When she doesn't want to do something, you are SOL and will have to wait until she is ready to accomodate your request.  When *she* wants to do something, she does.  Hubby shrugs his shoulder and says, "typical female".  Either way, happy birthday baby-girl!  <3

Thursday, June 16, 2011

What's One More?

First off everyone I apologize for the delay in this post, I have no excuse other than starting a new job which starts later in the day and just being busy with life in general; you know how it is.  Alas, here I am to update you on my visit to see my Monty-boy a few weekends ago.  He sure is growing up fast, he is 16 weeks old tomorrow which means he will be coming home very, very soon!!!  *squee* 

While I was there visiting with all the kits and enjoying my tea with Marilyn, it came to my "attention" (wink-wink, nudge-nudge) that one of the kits had not yet been adopted!!!! (gasp) AND it just so happens that "Moley" is my Monty's buddy.  We jokingly named this kitten Mo-ley when we first saw pictures of Monty and his littermates, as he has a mole on his face and if you've seen the Austin Powers movies, you will "get" the joke.  As you can imagine, my mind was racing.  Yes, yes my friends, the wheels began to turn in my head.  Do we have enough room?  Can we afford to feed another?  Can we afford the extra insurance costs?  More kitty litter?  Hmmmm, calculating these variables at a speed that would make any math teacher proud, the end result was, what's one more? 

Then the rationalizing began....It *would* be better for Monty to not only have another kitten when coming to his forever home, but one that is his brother AND his BFF!  Yes, yes, that's it, that's how I rationalized it, it will be better for Monty and Moley's mental health, their stress levels would be decreased by having each other, and that's good when transitioning to a new home, right, right?  And there was just no way that could I leave Monty's BFF behind?!  How sad would it be!  I just couldn't be a part of that. 

Hmmmm, so how many pets would we have?  Two dogs, one male furry cat, 3 naked males and one naked princess, which equals.....A PRIDE!!!!!  Yes, yes I would have a pride of cats blazing through the house with the two half-wit micro mutts trailing behind - my vision of happiness :)  Well, that was easy, right?  Not quite.  My husband often begrudgingly refers to our home as "Noel's Ark" because of all our pets, so I knew that this idea would not be recieved well.  Plus, there was one other minor little thing....when I asked to buy Priscilla, I *PROMISED* him that that was it.  No more pets unless there was a substancial lotto win (believe me, I have a "pet list" should we ever be blessed with such a thing, but that is a whole other story!). 

Back to my husband.  This was going to require some very, very careful planning on my part...hmmm, how to proceed with such a request.  Should I call him?  Hmmmm, it just might send him over the edge.  There would no doubt be yelling initially and then silence between us for days on end, a direct protest of my request.....most importantly, will that vein on my husband's forehead finally burst?  I think I'll just text him. 

The texting went like this:

Would you like to buy Moley?  He doesn't have a home  :(  No pressure, just asking.

Can we afford him?

What's one more?  lol.  We could, but I will leave the decision to you.

Ha ha ha, what's he like?

Cantankerous, like Orion.  lol.  And he will be BIG.  He is the biggest of the litter. 

Buy him.

Oh, ok.  lol.  That was fast.  (UTTER, TOTAL SHOCK!!!!!)

What's one more on the ark, right?

I LOVE THIS MAN!!!!!!  I love his last response, the same as my initial response to another nekkid - what's one more?  Like two peas in a pod, we are  :)  Best of all, the vein on his forehead didn't rupture!!!! 

Meet Moley everyone!!!!!