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Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Few Videos To Enjoy

Monty the Meerkat - I can't believe how long he manages to stand up on his hind legs! 

Orion LOVES to be brushed with a firm brush so much that we jokingly call him a "brush slut". 

Friday, July 22, 2011

2 Week Update

Dex showing off his "man fruit"
Temptations feeding frenzy!!!!
All is very well 2 weeks after the boys have arrived.  Everyone is playing together now, which means Priscilla has stopped being a total spaz to being a just sometimes spaz.  Today all of the nekkids were blazing through the house, chirping and calling out to each other, it was f-awesome.  Dex chose to lay back and watch the action while he showed off what's left of his "man fruit".   I introduced "kitty crack", aka Temptations, a few days ago and was nearly mobbed to death and ended up having to toss them on the floor.  They were just too rabid, like sharks on a corpse, for me to hand feed them, LOL.  The dogs came over to check out what was going on and were nearly taken down like wildebeast at a watering hole gone wrong.  Dex really likes his Temptations apparently - who would have thought?

Priscilla & Orion
Snapped these two pictures of Priscilla and Orion first thing in the morning..."wakey-wakey".  I was a little surprised to find them together as she has been a tad pissy with everyone the past few weeks and has only recently warmed up to Monty & Moley.  This is a very good sign to see that she is settling in to her normal routine again, although she hasn't been seeing me before bedtime since the boys arrived.  She used to come every night to make "muffins" on my tummy and then fall asleep - I miss that.

Bought a laser pointer and everyone nearly went ape-shit trying to get.  I ran them all hard, almost to the point of exhaustion, and stopped because I though that their hearts were going to burst before they decided that they would stop.  Afterwards, I caught this picture of Moley passed out on Monty, half sitting up, half laying down.  Awwwwww, soooo cute!

Montey passed out on Moley after a long day of playing

Arrrrrr, its mine!!!!  Moley playing with a feather teaser. 

Monday, July 18, 2011


First one out of the crate, Moley
Monty decided to wait awhile

The boys have been home for a week now and I am quite surprised at how quickly they have settled in and become accustomed to everything and everyone.  The first day home we let them have a short greeting with everyone else, then they camped out in our room for a few days and by thursday they were ready to get out of the room and explore.  These two are the most affectionate kittens I have ever met.  They purr as soon as you touch them, follow us around the house like dogs, and want to be picked up.  They are really so adorable.  I am so glad that we got two of them.  It's nice that they have each other, besides, two is better than one!  LOL
Here comes the welcoming committee 

Moley looking at me

Orion checking things out


Why is this locked?  I NEED to get in here and inspect!  
Having a look around

Moley is not sure about 'Zilla

I am really impressed at the quality of WERUVA, in fact, if for some reason I ever had to stop feeding raw, I would feed them WERUVA canned food.  This food, IMHO, is the next best thing to feed raw.  The meat is chunky, smelly (in a good way) and is processed in a facility that processes human grade food.  This food never gets left behind, bowls are licked clean and I swear that they purr sometimes as they are eating it.  Check it out if you haven't already

Tracking the bird

Diva wants to be friends

Moley, not so much

Monty snuggled up in front of my laptop

Monty's kinked tail  <3

I have come to the conclusion that Dexter used to be a hen in a past life.  He is more interested in grooming and watching over them more than anything.  Orion is really good with them as well as tries to initiate play, but he still isn't 100% sure about them, he's being a little bit of a scaredy-cat towards them, but at least he's not Priscilla is - was.  She was really, really NOT happy at all when she first met them.  Lots of growling, hissing and tantrums, running out of the room growling, snarling and hissing.  She got over that though.  Now she is fine with being in the same space as them, her terms of course, and only hisses and slaps them when they are playing and one of them bumps into her.  The dogs seem to be indifferent to Monty and Moley, although the boys don't seem to like them so much, however, there's progress in this area too!  Now, the boys don't do anything when the dogs come near them, it's just when one of the dogs (usually our village idiot Diva) gets in too close for some nose smelling that results in a hiss and a smack upside the head.  It's been really neat to see the all the boys tearing through the house playing some sort of kitty tag.  Priscilla doesn't play along, but she may decide to in time.
Almost got it!

Action shot
Moley got it  

Arrrrr, it's mine


Monty told me he wanted the birdie....

Diva coming over, again, wanting to be friends
Moley seyz "no"

Monty wanted to lay on the windowsill with 'Zilla.....

She said "F*&k no, you gross pooh-face boy!!!"

Other words were exchanged, but I can't repeat them

Her words traumatized him   :(