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Thursday, August 11, 2011

What the 'kids have been up to.....

Priscilla made Monty her minion boyfriend...
Then she kissed Moley and broke Monty's heart (in the background).
Later, I found the nekkid boys passed out after they shared their stories of Priscilla's "ways".

She denies everything....
Moley decides to play.

While Orion surveys their territory from up high.....

and from down low.

Taking a moment to check himself out......
Just before Monty shows up to play!
What seems to be some sort of tag.

Orion's ready for action.....

Monty sat in front of me and watched....

Just before looking up at me and bounding off to go and play.

Monty seyz, "boooo-yaaaahhh-kaaaaaaaaaaaahhh"

Then jumps up into Orion's face and they exchanged looks.

Monty, he's so photogenic

Priscilla helped me cook dinner.

Orion is stalking....

All eyez on the boyz as they play

A quick shot of the elusive Moley

Monty and the cheese wedge.

Monty licking his lips, for the mouse down below?

He is such a "pretty-boy".

Our furred King, "Old Man Dex-atrim/terd/tose"

Priscilla seconds after getting "the crazies"

A rare moment between Dex and Priscilla, I wonder what they were talking about?

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